Video Game or Videogame? Trailing Sleeves Sticks It to the Man

I guess I was absent from school on the day we learned that videogame is actually two words: video game. I checked. Every authority on the subject agrees: video game. 

I am disappointed to learn this. Not in myself, for misspelling a word for decades. Not in the public school system, for failing to teach me this. I am disappointed in the spelling experts and language doctors who decided that videogame should be two words. 

Let’s consider.

Video + game. I get it. It’s a game. It’s digital, so I guess that means it’s somehow visually recorded, hence video. So therefore a game that is also digital is a video game. Ugh!

Well, I believe the spelling professionals have it wrong! Because it is obvious to me that a videogame is more than the sum of its parts, that a videogame is its own thing, you know. Something new. One word, compound. Videogame.

Also, in my opinion videogame is more aesthetically pleasing as a single word. 

So what does one do, when the authorities say one thing, but your thinking brain says another? Well, as we all know, sometimes you have to play along. 

But sometimes the man can stick it. As for me, I’ll continue to spell it correctly, my way: videogame. 

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