Gamer’s Log April 2021

Monthly update for games I played, started playing, continued playing, gave up playing, or beat…. 

In April: 

  1. On the PS4, I am playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. You know, I actually hated this game at first. But I knew that other people loved it, and not wanting to be a big wuss of a crybaby quitter, I decided to stick with it, at least until I finished building the farm at Furrowfield. Well, now I am in Moonbrooke, and to say that I am obsessed would be an understatement! The thing is, this game is long! I mean, it’s really, really, really long! Hopefully soon I will be able to report that I beat it, and I will be able to give a high soup score. 
  1. On my Switch Lite I am (still) playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I know this game was popular last year, but I only got around to it recently, and let me tell you… this game is as slow as pouring molasses in January. But in a good way. 
  1. On the PS3, I started playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. I never wanted to play this. It’s not my cuppa tea, you know — hanging out with Donald and Goofy. And this is an old game now. How and why exactly I came to play this game at this time, and my experience with it so far — that is a story I’d like to tell on another day, in a post of its own. 

And that’s it, that’s the latest. 

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