Dragon Quest: Another 35-Year Anniversary Breaks Loose Upon the World

Lately I’ve been seeing so much online about the 35th anniversaries of the Mario and Zelda franchises, and what Nintendo is and is not doing about it. The short of it seems to be this: Zelda fans are bewildered by all the Nintendo love going to Mario, and so little left over for them. Well, Zelda fans are right to feel this way! Where IS the love, Nintendo? 

And though well and good it was for me to pay attention to this (gotta pick a side, you know?) I didn’t know until this week that there was ANOTHER videogame franchise 35th anniversary about to break loose upon the world. That’s right: another anniversary is here, and it’s one that is way more meaningful to me! 

So this year marks the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest. For anyone who, like me, wasn’t up to speed on this before, there was a big livestreamed announcement the other night. To commemorate the anniversary, Square Enix has announced new Dragon Quest games coming out… when? Well, I don’t know when. 

But here are the games, in the order of interest according to me.

  1. Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake. Yes, they remade the iconic classic and it’s gorgeous! It looks like Octopath Traveler. I can’t wait! See for yourself:

2. Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate. This is what we are all waiting for! Now we have confirmation that the game will release some day, and we have a title and a logo. This should be top of my list by a mile, but I’m putting it second today because we have so little information, it’s just a tease at this point. And my expectations for this game are really high! 

3. Dragon Quest Treasures: This one is spin-off treasure-hunting game starring two characters from DQXI. Looks cute, will wait and see what it’s all about. 

4. A Dragon Quest mobile puzzle game. I am not interested in mobile puzzle games. Good luck to them with it, though. 

5. Dragon Quest X, a new online version, AND an offline version of the game. Now, I would absolutely love to play DQX, but I think these new releases are to be Japan exclusives, and so I am a little mad that they included them in the livestream, which was international. 

So there it is! Five new games! (Or 6 if you count both new releases of X… or 4 if you ignore X as it looks as though we won’t be getting it here anyway.) 

Now, not wanting to sound like a spoiled brat… but next time, Square Enix, can we please get a remake of Dragon Quest VIII? 

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