Gamer’s Log June 2021

Monthly update of games played in June 2021: 

  1. I finished Final Fantasy XV. At first I liked it, you know, the road trip and the open world. Then I disliked it, for almost the entire last third of the game. Then finally I loved it again, but only because I was willing to put in the extra time and effort and dollars (!) for the full story experience. Here is what I mean: In order to appreciate the game and understand the world and the story, you need to watch a full-length movie, an anime series of 5 episodes, and an additional anime featuring the villain, as well as play through four DLC episodes, and read a novel. Yes, a novel. And no, I am not exaggerating here. That is precisely what you must do if you want the full experience. That is asking a lot, Square! Well, I did those things, and I am happy I did, because now I can rank Final Fantasy XV as one of my favorites. I’ll review it in more detail soon. 
  1. I played Final Fantasy XIII. While I had to pay $$ for the FF15 experience, I was able to play 13 for free (Yay!) because I found the disc at my house and I was curious and I played it. It was a weird, linear game with quirky story and an interesting battle system. I wrote a short review of it already, and that is all I have to say. 
  1. I am gradually playing through Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep along with my son, whose idea it was to play through this series in this order. We will hopefully be on to the next game soon! 
  1. I played a very short indie game called Journey. This is another older game (2012), which I found by chance, and I am glad I did. I would describe this game as unique, instructive and above all spiritual. Will review soon. 

And that’s it, that’s the soup. 

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