Good-bye, Dragonhorn, and Thanks for All the Wallpaper

Dragonhorn is the name of my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This isn’t a review. By now all Switch owners know what this game is, and they have either created their own islands, or they haven’t. 

I named my island after the dragon horn that was so difficult to obtain in Breath of the Wild. For a while I took care of Dragonhorn every day. But soon I started skipping days, and then entire weeks. I never did make Dragonhorn a five-star island. 

Maybe I’ll return in the fall, to grow pumpkins and decorate my door with a wreath of red and orange leaves. I hope the neighbors don’t tear down their houses and move away before then, and I hope the place isn’t overrun with weeds. 

Anyway, let me share a few vacation pictures from the summertime:  the garden shop and the flea market and the concert in the park. I’ll miss the relaxing hours, but I won’t miss the scorpions. 

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