Gamer’s Log August 2021

So August is over, and it’s time for me to hang my head in shame. Oh, I started out this month with the best (!) of intentions (!) Yepp, I was going to post reviews of Bravely Default II, which I liked okay, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which I loved, loved, loved and couldn’t wait to tell you how much and why! 

But I am a teacher, and August being August, other tasks took precedence over writing about games. This isn’t an apology. I’m just saying. 

But videogames are still my escape, and thank goodness for escapes!  In August I did make the time to begin a new game. By a new game, I mean one new game. One. 

And by “new” I mean this game is old, but it’s new to me! And this game is….

  1. Skyrim!  I am playing this on the Switch. I will probably be playing this one, and only this one, through September.

So there it is. My list of one. 

But before wrapping up this month’s log, I have to mention my other FAIL. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is…  still in progress. I guess. Or maybe progress is not the exact word. Maybe standstill is more accurate. Since the spring I’ve been playing through the Kingdom Hearts games with my son, but he’s back in school now and back playing football, with no time and little interest in playing videogames. And since I won’t play KH without him, there it is and there it will stay for now. 

Well that’s it, that’s the soup. 

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