Gamer’s Log September 2021

One month ago I said that Skyrim would probably be my one and only game in September. That was an easy call, though, right? After all, Skyrim is a big game, with lots of story branches and side content, and you can make of it what you like, so that my playthrough is a different experience from your playthrough, and Suzie’s game and Johnny’s game and Rhonda’s game are all different experiences. It’s true.

So anyway, again this month, here is the list of the games I played:  

  1. Skyrim. 

It’s a small list, but like I said, it’s a big game. And by now its dragon claws have reached into other areas of my life. Such as… (and I don’t know why I didn’t know about these things earlier)…

For one thing, in September I discovered the musician and singer Malukah, whose songs about Skyrim I love! Here’s The Dragonborn Comes

And for my September birthday, I received the official Elder Scrolls Cookbook. I can not wait to make those sweet rolls! My inner nerdy girl is so excited! Hope nobody steals them! 

Will I play any other game besides Skyrim in October? I don’t know; is there room for anything else in October? 

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