Gamer’s Log October 2021

So once again, I only played one game. 

1. Skyrim 

Yes, again. 

Skyrim is big, could be the biggest game I’ve played, and yes this big game is 10 years old! Skyrim is an experience, and with its art design and colors and spooky mood and creepy quests, this game is the perfect game to play in the fall season. I (obviously!) enjoyed my time spent protecting this realm as the Dragonborn. And I only did a fraction of the collection of quests that make up the full experience! I normally like to complete games, and to see the credits roll, but that’s not a thing here.

No, my story here is not done, not at all, but I feel like I will be done with it in November. And that is only because I have spent too much time here, I feel like it’s time soon to move on and play something else. 

But what? What will fill the void left behind by this game? 

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