Gamer’s Log March 2022

So yeah, I have been lazy about posting. However I have not been too lazy to play, and I have 3 games to log for February and March.

1) Kingdom Hearts III. It’s… stalled! So stalled. As I have mentioned here before, I’ve been playing through the Kingdom Hearts series with my teenage son, whose idea this was by the way, and we are now on the last game! But for now it seems all progress on KH3 is stalled. Completely stalled, and has been so for many weeks now. Truth is, my son’s a teenager with an active life that does not revolve around gaming, and I count myself as very fortunate that we are spending this time together while he is still at home, as I do realize not all teens enjoy hanging out with mom. And I absolutely 100% count on finishing this last game. But as I said, we are stalled.

2) Stardew Valley. I played the mobile version on my tablet, so sadly, this is not the 1.5 update (which was promised, by the way, and not delivered). I spent a lot of time in this adorable game, and I completed mostly everything I set out to do, including finally learning to fish and reaching fishing level 10 (which I said I would not do). So that’s that, for now. But one day I might play a console version of this game, and finally make it to the island I keep hearing about!

3) Immortals Fenyx Rising. This game has been lauded as a Breath of the Wild clone. Well, I am sad to report, it is not exactly that. I do see many similarities, sure. But Immortals Fenyx Rising is a puzzle game. If the shrines were your least favorite part of BOTW, then I don’t think you will like Fenyx Rising very much. I am now about halfway through the story, such as it is. That is over 25 hours of gameplay. I have real time invested in this game, and I do like finishing the games I start. But I don’t think I will be finishing this one. Nor will I be purchasing the sequel. Anyway, I will write a more complete review of this game soon.

And that’s it – that’s the soup. 

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