Gamer’s Log April 2022

I played One game in April. 

Recovering dwarven treasure in deep mines. Forging rings of power in a volcano. One game, with the power to rule me and bind me in darkness forever.

Stardew Valley

So not long ago I played the mobile version on my tablet. It wasn’t the most recent update (which never came to mobile, though it has been promised) and I wasn’t able to see the new areas and I wasn’t able to do, ya know… the new things. Well, guess who went ahead and bought the game again? And I’m not too fancy to tell you this: I chose Playstation, not Switch, because mamma wants trophies. 

So yes, I spent a lot of April in Stardew Valley. And on this second play-through, I got to do what I couldn’t do before: I sailed away to the island with Willy, I grew pineapples, I earned my way into the weird walnut room, I traveled through the levels of the volcano dungeon to the forge… And let me tell you, if you are playing this game on mobile, there is a lot of content you are missing out on. 

Note: I also started a shorter, third game, in which I worked for the Man. See below.

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