A Little Whine with my Cheese: Stardew Valley Trophies

So after crafting all the things, and cooking all the food, and shipping all the things, and catching all the fish, I wake up to see that Mayor Lewis has sent me a letter. He says I should stop by the Community Center for my platinum trophy. 

Ha ha, just kidding. The mayor didn’t write me a letter. But he should have, because – as he and I both know – I deserve the big trophy. 

This diagram perfectly illustrates my frustration and bewilderment, and this really this sums up all I want to say on the subject:


  1. I know this feeling.
    I remember being mad at FFX for those chocobo balloon races you needed to beat in order to get the main character’s ultimate weapon 😥


    • Tell me about it! And not just for a trophy but for a useful weapon, and so why on earth is that even part of the game?


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