Gamer’s Log January-through-April 2023

Games played from January through April 2023: 

  1. Earthlock on the Switch. Earthlock is another retro-styled RPG. I played it a few months ago, and unfortunately the most memorable thing about the game is its One Aggravating Factor. And just what is the OAF of which I speak? (I’m glad you were about to ask.) The OAF is that you max out at level 20. Now, I like grinding levels and I like getting good. The level cap here is low and unsatisfying, and you have no choice but to fight your end battle while still a little twig. Well, I accomplished it, but I’m gonna stay mad about it. No review of this game is coming! 
  2. Ocotpath Traveler 2 on the PlayStation 5. A beautiful game, like the first Octopath Traveler. I reviewed it here
  3. Medieval Dynasty on the PS5. I’ll call this one a combination simulation-sandbox game with (I guess?) a little RPG thrown in, for fun. It could be a survival game, but it doesn’t have to be, and it certainly wasn’t that for me. I discovered this gem of a game by chance in the Playstation store, downloaded it on a whim, and now it’s one of my top 5 most favorite games, ever. Here’s my review.
  4. … so I almost hate to admit this one. Like crawling back to an old boyfriend. Yes, I have been playing Skyrim again. I decided I wanted the anniversary edition, see? So now I’m chilling at home in Whiterun. You know, blacksmithing with Adrianne, hanging out with the Companions, knocking over the merchandise in Belethor’s shop. Chopping wood for honest gold. And doing only the quests I want. Maybe I’ll join the war, or maybe I’ll get married. Or maybe I’ll just move on to something new. 
  5. I bought Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster for the PS5 and I already played through a few opening episodes. I actually played this game 30 years ago on the SNES, back when it was known as Final Fantasy III, and I’m curious to see what it’s like to replay it now.  

And that is the soup of the day. 

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