My First Thoughts on Remote Play

So for the past three weeks or so, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster on the PlayStation. I’m enjoying the nostalgia of playing a game that I first played twenty-nine years ago. The story is still great, and in general the game has been very addicting so far. But in my part of the world the weather is just now turning nice and I really can’t spend my free hours on the couch. Well, I mean, I can. (Believe me, I can!) But I shouldn’t

So I decided to try PlayStation Remote Play. I downloaded the free app onto an Android tablet and bam! Just like that, I’m now able to steam games from my PlayStation onto my tablet. 

Here are my initial thoughts. First and most importantly, I’m happy to say that the app works fine. I was able take the tablet into other rooms, downstairs, even outside, and the game did not lag or glitch. So at least with this game, all is good there. Eventually I’ll try with newer games. 

Also, you can use the app in one of two ways. You can either control the game using the transparent buttons that appear on both sides of your device’s touch screen, or you can pair a PS controller to your tablet or phone. I tried both. Now, while I was able to pair the controller to my device, I did have some difficulties when trying to use the controller this way, so I think from now on, I’ll ditch the controller and just stick with the touch-screen option, which (for me) is faster anyway, and hassle-free. 

Anyway, yes. I would one-hundred-percent recommend Remote Play to others. And to anyone who uses the app, I would love to hear whether it works well with other games. 

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